Supply Chain

We found our supply-chain relationships on the same principle of close collaboration that underlies our client relationships. We see our supply chain as equals in achieving the successful delivery of a project.

We hold regular workshops with our supply chain and encourage attendance at post-contract review meetings, where we assess performance and lessons learnt.

Once a sub-contractor has successfully passed through our vetting process, they are added to our in-house database system and from there they are continually monitored. We use our in-house database system to control this interface which records the key performance measures of all supply-chain members.

We match sub-contractors to the scope of work, noting the complexity and value of the work package and the contractor’s current commitments. We also ensure that our supply chain is organised to take account of regional variations in workload. We believe that it is important for us to properly harness local supply chains in order to maximise both cost savings and the application of relevant knowledge.